Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Dearest Jeanie !

Happy Birthday to u!
Happy Birthday to u!
Happy Birthday to Jeanie.
Happy Birthday to u!

Hope you had a great celebration today with your handbells peers & all the best for your grading examination.

This is the 1st year you are not celebrating your birthday with me as you have a exchange trip to Melacca. Hope you enjoyed your trip.

Mummy wishes my little girl Oops should be big girl now turning lady soon................ good health, study hard.

Mummy Love U, my dear Jeanie.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

1st day to school in 2010

Today is the starting of the new year, 1st day to school & I am P5 this year. As like any other years before, I am going to wake up early to school BUT I am going to a new school... Yes again... Every 2 yrs, I get to change a new school :P Hope this will be the last! Mummy say the I took photo when I am going to school in P1 but she failed to do so when I am in P3 when I changed to Guanyang so this year, die die also must take. :)

Going to carry my school bag to school, can see that I am only half awake ....

Ok see I am all ready for my new school in my new uniform, new school shoe & sock. :)

As I am new to the school, this is my name tag.

Out from the house, going to wait for my school bus....

Pressing the lift

Inside the lift

Out from the lift

This is where I will sit & wait for my school bus.

This is my new school. So now u know where I am studying now :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Family Trip to Taiwan (30 Nov - 3 Dec) Last Day

It is our last morning in Taipei & we will be heading to Hong Kong to continue our 买东西, 吃东西.

Our lunch in the Taipei 桃园 International Airport

While waiting for the plane, we took last photo

This is me with my DS....

Goodbye Taipei, hope that I can come back again soon.............

Friday, December 4, 2009

Family Trip to Taiwan 30 Nov - 3 Dec (Day 3)

Today its the day when I am going to see my taiwan friends. We had known each other since we are 2-3 years old when we are in the childcare... Now we are already in upper primary & sec 1. How times passes...

Aunty Xiaowen & uncle Guanyin will be coming to our hotel to meet us. From the place that they stayed to Taipei will take about an hr if there is no traffic jam & by the express way.

While waiting for Aunty & uncle to arrived, we took some photo of our hotel in taipei, Fortune Hotel 富君.

I lost Yiyi's green scaf that she had lent it to me after taking the photo.... Sorry yiyi...

We went to 台北101 but didnt went up the tower.

A fun family photo taken in 台北101

Entrance to the building

Photos taken inside 台北101
Mummy's favourite brand LV....

Photos taken outside 台北101

Can you see that we are very afraid of the pigeon....

With Aunty Xiaowen, she still look so young & trendy...

We had our lunch at the chinese restuarant opened by the famous taiwan host Jacky Wu

Our dessert... Yummy.. Our only proper lunch in taipei

Since its round Xmas must take some Xmas photo in Taipei....

After lunch we headed to Aunty Xiaowen & Uncle Guanyin's hometown called 新竹, it took us about an hour car ride....
When we reached 新竹, it was already dark but it was only 6+ in the evening... We went to fetch Tingting & Weiwei in their school & after that we went to the robe climbing to warm up our body since its so cold.
Can you see us????? There are 3 children & 2 adults up there....

In Tingting & Weiwei's room
Did you see how much we had grown since 2-3 years old.... We are big girls now!
WIth Tingting

Our Dinner place, we had bbq Japanese food.

The mummies & daddies....

The Girls...

Our dinner....
The Steamboat

Self cam by oursleves

After dinner, some photos outside the Japanese shop

The Ladies only...

We headed to take the 快铁 back to Taipei, it only takes 30 mins to be back compare to taking car ride of an hr. Happy times always past so fast.. We have to part soon..
This is the station that we will be taking the 快铁

Tickets counter, its non peak hr so there is discount given.

Time to the 快铁 leave 新竹

Way to the 快铁

me and the sign

Our tickets

3 stop to Taipei

Inside the 快铁

Journey of the 快铁

Another night market that we went to. Its more of the old folk night market with nothing much. A bit like our chinatown...

You read the banner?

See me in action....

It taste horrible.... We all dun like it & donate to the rubbish bin... haha...

We end our nite early altot its the last nite as it was already 11+ at nite so we decided to go back early to pack our shopping luggage.....
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